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As parents, we want the best for our children in every aspect of their lives. It pains us to see them struggle with schoolwork or become frustrated with the whole learning process. Their educational journey holds a great deal of responsibility for who they will become and what they will do in life. The stress of managing it all may be overwhelming as times. The good news is that they do not have to manage the process alone. At Promise Learning, we strive to

  • a) break down concepts into bite-sized pieces that allows students to digest simplified ideas in an effort to fully understand the entire concept at hand

  • b) put students at ease with the concepts they are studying and give deliberate positive reinforcement every step of the way to allow them to see that they are capable and move them to a level of confidence where they can ask the right questions to gain understanding

  • c) help students understand that the goal is to learn the material rather than memorize it for the test

  • d) offer practical applications and strategies to help students to see the relevance of concepts, and

  • e) work ourselves out of a job by creating lifelong learners rather than future tutoring students

CA - 12th Grade - Writing

When I met CA, he was already an accomplished student. He was making all A's in his classes, had gotten a 2250 on the SAT, and had mastered over 130 levels of his favorite video game. My job was to help him improve his score on the writing portion of the SAT and to give him pointers on his college entrance essays. I was very pleased with the topic of his essay - an episode of a popular cartoon - because it showed the range of his aptitude and would definitely make an impression on the college admissions personnel. As we discussed his thoughts, I noticed that CA always covered his smile with his hand. In the 15 1/2 hours that we spent together over a 10 week period, CA was able to complete exceptional SAT practice essays, write an essay worthy of entrance into the best US colleges and universities, and develop the confidence to share his thoughts freely and allow his smile to show through. He is such a joy to talk with and I am glad that the world can experience it as well. CA went on to attend Vanderbilt University.

DS - 9th Grade - Algebra

When I met DS, he had a single digit grade in his Algebra class and not much higher in his Algebra Support class. His mother had one goal - to help her child succeed - so she worked overtime so she could pay me to help him. I quickly learned that DS did not have a problem learning. His challenge was having the confidence to ask the right questions to gain understanding. As I started tutoring, I realized that DS had a thirst for knowledge. After I worked through a problem, he was eager to have his turn to get the right answer. After just 8 sessions over a period of 8 weeks, DS was confident enough in his abilities for me to step away and allow him to go it alone. Not only was he able to master the information, he was able to engage with his teacher during instruction. His grade in Algebra increased from a 9 to an 80.

AZ - 11th Grade - Algebra

I started tutoring AZ at the end of her sophomore year of high school because she was failing Geometry. Although we did not have a great deal of time, we met twice a week and AZ was able to pass the class with a C. The following school year, we met every week for her Algebra II class. AZ listened well as I explained the concepts and watched closely as I completed sample problems. With my guidance she was able to complete her homework assignments. At the beginning of the year, AZ lacked confidence in her ability to perform well in any mathematics course. But as the year progressed, her confidence grew and she was disappointed when she did not get A's on tests. She began talking about taking the SAT® and going to college, although she previously believed that success in both were beyond her reach. During her senior year, AZ was able to manage her final math course on her own and only requested my assistance as she prepared for her final exams.


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