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Success Stories

Malik (1993) My oldest son had thought provoking conversations at age 1. He beat me at bowling at age 2. He read his first bible at age 5. He mastered the rules of soccer, football, basketball, and baseball by the age of 6 (and knew player stats). He won an Imagine That! award in 1st grade and ranked in the Top Five in his 5th grade class. He went to Georgia All-State (singing) in the 9th grade (1st attempt). He scored 12.9 on the TABE Math and Reading tests, received a Hope Scholarship worthy score on the GED, and began college at age 17. He has finally figured out what he loves and is pursuing a Culinary Arts degree at a local technical college. He has always been a child with one foot on Earth and one foot in outer space. His mind, body, and spirit operate in whichever is most interesting at the time.
Assata (1996) My oldest daughter was an undercover scholar, trying hard not to let anyone know how smart she was. Her vocabulary in kindergarten was well above her years. She once said "That boy has improper behavior." She has done well academically over the years and is now in the Math & Science Magnet Program (Pre-Med) at her high school. She has also been invited to join the Honor Society for her accomplishments in Spanish. Assata plans to obtain her Cosmetology license and a four year degree in business. Assata definitely has a conscience. Even when she has admittedly gotten away with something, she can't help but tell on herself. Politics is definitely not in her future.
Makena (2002) My youngest daughter learned to write her alphabet at age 3. She would recite 24 "I Can Read Books" from memory and write her whole name (all 26 letters) at the age of 4. She is in Advanced Math and Language Arts and has been tested for the Talented and Gifted (TAG) program. On the 5th grade CRCT, Makena exceeded in every category except Social Studies (missed it by 19 scale points). She correctly answered 225 of 270 questions. She aspires to be a veterinarian. She is my happy child and seems to have a song constantly playing in her head. She loves to run (for no reason at all) and makes friends with people just so she can spend time with their animals.
Amari (2003) My middle son started life with an awesome teacher, Makena. She made sure he learned everything she knew. As a result, he entered TAG after kindergarten. He is in accelerated (a grade above) math and language arts. In 2nd grade, he had a 100 average in every class. On the 3rd grade CRCT, he exceeded in every category with scores above 900 and got a perfect score in Reading. He correctly answered 259 of 270 questions. On the 4th grade test, he correctly answered 39/40 Reading, 49/50 English/Language Arts, 59/60 Mathematics, 57/60 Science and 57/60 Social Studies questions. He exceeded in every subject. He aspires to be a scientist. He has an awesome voice (the makings of another Al Green), but he will only sing when no one is paying attention.
Amiri (2007) My youngest son has a mind like a steel trap. If he has been exposed to anything, he remembers it. At age 5, his words of choice were "inappropriate", "extraordinary", and "stupendous". He has logical, intelligent conversations with high schoolers and adults on a regular basis. His favorite pasttimes are dancing and doing math problems. He recently asked me if he could learn multiplication. He has been tested for TAG, but he is not one who feels that a test should decide his fate. He told me "I know I am smart. They just have to figure it out." He aspires to be a veterinarian, scientist, or football player (depending on the day). This past year, he has taught himself Karate, break dancing, and flips that I have never been able to do.


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