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Session Length: 8 weeks, Pricing: $160/session
Registration ends two weeks prior to the start of class. Payment is due 1 week prior to the start of class.

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Build Your Own Database Driven Website
Have you ever wondered how what you see on some webpages changes every time you visit them? Did you think there were elves sitting in front of the computer constantly changing the website? That would be fun, but that is not how it happens. It’s all about databases and PHP code. Now you can learn how to build dynamic (constantly changing) websites like the pros. This class introduces the basic framework of a database-driven web site. Students will design and create a HTML website. Using PHP and MySQL, students will add elements to the website to make it dynamic. During the last class, the students will participate in a portion of a mock interview where they will use the websites they designed to prove they have the skills to obtain the position of “Website Designer Extraordinaire”. Students should bring a USB drive to store files
1 session (2 days/week), Min/Max: 5/10


Gladly meeting you at your home, coffee house, public library, restaurant, college campus, or wherever you are comfortable studying.


Providing online assessments in common core areas of mathematics, reading, language arts, science, and social studies.


Meeting your needs for Professional Engineering, Web Design, Project Management, and Summer Camp Development.